Yorkton Socialist Republic.== Located on the nothern part of the southern continent, and once know as Vargonia, is a medium sized nation, with a population of around 20 billion. They are a Communist state were the government rules all aspects of the everyday lives of it's people, they are what would be called the North Korea of the Etain4, they have no exports, and a huge amount of Imports, some of which will be named later on, and very few people have been in the country itself.

The Imperal Years ( 1699-1835)Edit

In 1699, two great peoples inhabited the same region that is today Y.S.R, both called themselfs, the house of....

The first to be named is that of the house of Roads, and the second goes by the name of the house of Forganal: and to say these two house were at each others throats, would have been a understatedment, they were at the point of killed the other off within a couple of years if they got anymore bloodthirsty, anyways the whole of the conflict was about a bear skin, that one of both house's said they have shot first, and both having the stubbornness of noles, they both would not let the other win in the agrument, and this led to pub fights, and the occasional brall in the streets.