The Great Blue Fleet in 1923, sailing around the world, in Front is the G.S.S TROGLE

The Great Blue Fleet

In 1910 the Germanina Union was still getting over the aftermath of the 2nd Elvish-Germanic war ( EG2), and was oceanic disabled, and really have not much of a ocean going fleet, and what they did have was very small ( 150 ships) and was mainly for the Three Lakes area, and also a small sea fleet of about 200 vessels, and this several hadicapped them in the Kettle Ocean, during the war, so they had to realiy on the routes what were frozen for the better part of the year in the Nothern Icelands to trade with their allies, and this was a long and exspencive, way to do so. and what they could ship over the waters, was for the most part sunk but the Elvish S-boats, and this crippled many supply lines from the Smoke Goblins.

So some thing had to be done about, so in 1906, while the war was still going on, they set on the task of making a fleet so massive that the The Holy Elvish Empire would have to surrender by force, or all their ports would be blown up, and their people would starve, but the war came to end before they could even get a single ship build, so it would not serve as a war time fleet, and this earned it the nickname "the Last Fleet" because of the hulls were layed down before the end of the war, but ever finished before hand, many in the Marine Time Department ( The navy) thougth that the projecy should be cancalled, and the metal sold for scrap, but there were those who thought the Last Fleet should be used as a propoganda tool.

The First ShipEdit

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The G.S.S Tyrannal, first ship in the Last Fleet

The fleet was not scraped, and the idea of a propoganda tool won out.

The first ship to be built was the G.S.S Tyrannal,