=========Euroes========= Edit

Capital ----Alesands

Type pf Government --Constitutional Republician Parliamentary


-Upper house---House of Lords

-Lower house----House of Commons


- Sometime in march 1067 D.M.

National Anthem --Der Koniggrater Masch,[[1]].

Population----- 13 billion

-90% Humans

-10% other

Currency- ------- Imperial Banknote

Were on the map-----Inbetween The Germanian Union, Lower Germanian, and the Lowland bay

Major Exports------Fine Woods, and Aluminium, Titanium. Coppers

Major Imports------ food stuffs, and, some electroincs.


The country of Euroes is what some would call a large small country, but they use to be a very large empire in the ancient world, taking up about half of the eastren part of the modren day Germanian Union, they had a lot of war with in the area that they controlled, and this was with Knights, and horses, so the grounds were just litted with bodys of the the dead, some reports did say the smell was so horroiable that it killed some people just from a smelling it.

The Age of RetreatEdit

Around 1357 D.M. when the Germanian Union started to explaned the country boaders, the Euroesian Army was just pushed aside because they refused to upgrade to the new invension of the black power gun, and sitmaticlly mowed down in great droves.

During the 9th Battle of the Long Hills( 1378DM) the Germanic army met the Euroesian army in the most bloodist battle of the wholed War of the Ground( 1369-1780DM) and in the after math of the battle, the King of Euroes was trying to escape to the ancient city of Itas to make a last ditch effort to safe themselfs from a most horriable death at the hands of the soldier that were chaseing them, but when they were enroute to the city, they were caught by a passing patrol of soldiers, when the king, and his guards were sleeping in a very large tree, after ohh two months of travaling to the germanian capital then, Eulerul, and was put n trial for crimes the he commited to the Germanian Empire, and was charged with death by hanging, the king tried to save his own skin by bribing the court with riches of his country, and it worked, the king had to give the courts 34 tons of tungsten, and 3oz of the rare metal gold.

After the war, the Courts gave the King some of his lands back to him, a very small bit at that, and 800 years later the got some of their lands back in the First Germanic-Elvish War in 1898DM

Modren DayEdit

Euroes now a days is the Switzerland of the world, and they haven't fought a war in 40 odd years, and now they mainly export fine woods to the word ( minus the Elvish)